Product LineItem CodeItem Description (short)Item Description (ext)Image 
PARAPB-2117/HDLHandle for Acrylic Pastry DispHandle for Acrylic Pastry Display
PARAPRK-MDL/DCDrain Cover for APRK-MDL StainDrain Cover for APRK-MDL Stainless Steel
PARBC-CST(L)Caster for BC-2416BZ, BC-2416LCaster for BC-2416BZ, BC-2416LGZ, BC-3520GZ & BC-3520BZ
PARBDP-3G/FCFaucet for BDP-3G & ITDS-5G 
PARBRW-27HD(B)Wire Brush Heavy Duty--for useWire Brush Heavy Duty--for use in claim replacement
PARBRW-27HD(H)Wire Brush Heavy Duty Short HaWire Brush Heavy Duty Short Handle for claim use replacement
PARBRW-38PO(B)Wire Brush 
PARBRW-38PO(H)Wire Brush Short Handle 
PARCAN-GSKT(P)Gasket for Canister w/PlasticGasket for Canister w/Plastic Lid
PARCAN-GSKT(S)Gasket for Canister with S/S LGasket for Canister with S/S Lid
PARCC-1/STCC-1 Chafer Stand 
PARCC-5P/HNDLHandle for CC-5P & CC-1P 
PARCDL-FGLED Candle Frosted Globe 
PARCIZP-GRIPPan Gripper 5in cast iron 
PARCIZPH-HHPan Handle Holder 6in x 3in siPan Handle Holder 6in x 3in silicone covered fabric heat resistant to 200?F hot pepper pattern
PARCM-11/LIDContemporary Marmite Lid fitsContemporary Marmite Lid fits CM-11 (sold in quantities of 3+ to receive best price)
PARCM-11/STCM-11 Stand 
PARCOTM-1BBase for COTM-1 
PARCOTM-1GGear for COTM-1 
PARCOTM-1KKnife for COTM-1 
PARCTR-F3PBPush Block for CTR-FC3 
PARCTR-LC3BLBlade Assembly for CTR-LC3 
PARCTR-LC3PBPush Block for CTR-LC3 
PARCTR-TS14BLReplacement Blad for TS-14 
PARCTR-TS316BLReplacement Blade for CTR-TS31Replacement Blade for CTR-TS316
PARCTR-VD1BLBlade Assembly for CTR-VD1 & CBlade Assembly for CTR-VD1 & CTR-FC1
PARCTR-VD1PBPush Block for CTR-VD1 & CTR-FPush Block for CTR-VD1 & CTR-FC1
PARCTR-VD2BLBlade Assembly for CTR-VD2 & CBlade Assembly for CTR-VD2 & CTR-FC2
PARCTR-VD2PBPush Block for CTR-VD2 & CTR-FPush Block for CTR-VD2 & CTR-FC2
PARCTR-WED6BLBlade Assembly for CTR-WED6 
PARCTR-WED8BLBlade Assembly for CTR-WED8 
PARCU-30GD/FCFaucet for CU-30GD 
PARCUTP-5Universal Top Plate Casters 5iUniversal Top Plate Casters 5in for heavy kitchen equipment 400 lbs capacity
PARCUTP-5LUniversal Top Plate Casters 5iUniversal Top Plate Casters 5in with lock for heavy kitchen equipment 400 capacity
PARCWAL/GSKGasket for CWAL-100 & CWAL-50 
PARCWT-5Caster 5in dia 1-1/4in W for wCaster 5in dia 1-1/4in W for work table
PARCWT-5LCaster with lock 5in dia 2in WCaster with lock 5in dia 2in W for work table
PARDC-3/LIDLid for DC-3 
PARDC-3/STDStand For DC-3 
PARDC-4/LIDLid for DC-4 
PARDC-4/STDStand for DC-4 
PARDC-6/STDDC-6 Stand 
PARFLT-PCHFlatware Pouch 
PARFP-20/GLASSGlass for FP-20 
PARFP-33/GLASSGlass for FP-33 
PARFSV-5S/STRNRStrainer for S/S Funnel FSV-5S 
PARGAST-30/2Stopper Gasket for F3022/20 &Stopper Gasket for F3022/20 & FB3022/20
PARGAST-40/4Stopper Gasket for F3022/40 &Stopper Gasket for F3022/40 & FB3022/40
PARGAST-40/6Stopper Gasket for F3022/60 &Stopper Gasket for F3022/60 & FB3022/60
PARGAST-NVSL&PSilicon Filler Gasket for NVSLSilicon Filler Gasket for NVSL & NVSP Airpots
PARGAST-UD1Stopper Gasket UD1000/UD600 
PARGAST-UDTGasket for UD1000 & UD600 
PARGBH-7Grill Brick Holder aluminum 
PARGNS/KNOBKnob for All GNS Teapots 
PARHFSC-LIDCover for HFSC-6 25-7/8in x 14Cover for HFSC-6 25-7/8in x 14-1/4in 0.8 mm stainless steel
PARHG-35/GTOPGrill Top For Hg-35 
PARHTLP-BULB(W)Heat Lamp Bulb 250 watt shatteHeat Lamp Bulb 250 watt shatter-resistant white fits HTLP-2B
PARIGBN-21/LIDP.C. Lid for IGBN-21 
PARIGBN-27/LIDP.C. Lid for IGBN-27 
PARIGBN-CSTCaster for IGBN-21 & IGBN-27 
PARISHC/KNOBPlastic Knob for ISHC-70 & ISHPlastic Knob for ISHC-70 & ISHC-110
PARITD-3G/FCFaucet for Ice Tea Dispenser 
PARITD-3G/LIDBlk. Lid for Ice Tea Dispenser 
PARITDS-5G/LIDBlk. Lid for Ice Tea Dispenser 
PARJD-22/FCFaucet for JD-22C, JD-22G, JDDFaucet for JD-22C, JD-22G, JDD-22C, JDD-22G
PARJD-22/SHELLPlastic Shell for JD-22C, JD-2Plastic Shell for JD-22C, JD-22G, JDD-22C, & JDD-22G (without faucet)
PARLD/422/20NLid for H422/20N 
PARLD/422/32NLid for H422/32N 
PARLD/422/64NLid for H422/64 
PARLDPC-12BP/HDLHandle for Lobby Dust Pan withHandle for Lobby Dust Pan with T Bar
PARLDPC-12BP/T BART Bar for Lobby Dust Pan 
PARLN.6Liner for UD600 
PARLN1.0/SFLiner for AIS-100/SF AIS-100 ULiner for AIS-100/SF AIS-100 UD1000N UD1000P UD-1000NT UD1000PT
PARLN1.6Liner for KF-160 
PARLN1.9/AISLiner for AIS-190/SF 
PARLN1.9/SFLiner For NPD/NLD-19 (SF SerieLiner For NPD/NLD-19 (SF Series)
PARLN2.2/SFLiner for NPD/NLD-22 (SF SerieLiner for NPD/NLD-22 (SF Series)
PARLN2.2/VALLiner for VAL-22 
PARLN2.5/SFLiner for NLD-25 & NPD-25 (SFLiner for NLD-25 & NPD-25 (SF Series) REPLACEMENT FOR LN2.5/NPH
PARLN2.5/VYBELiner for VYBE25 (FVPA-2500) 
PARLNJAC1.9/SFLiner Jacket NLD/NPD-19 (SF SeLiner Jacket NLD/NPD-19 (SF Series)
PARLNJAC2.2/SFLiner Jacket NLD/NPD-22 (SF SeLiner Jacket NLD/NPD-22 (SF Series)
PARLNJAC2.5/SFLiner Jacket NLD/NPD-25 (SF SeLiner Jacket NLD/NPD-25 (SF Series)
PARMKE-4Write-On Markers for ASIGN- anWrite-On Markers for ASIGN- and MKRBD- boards 4 assorted colors (1 each red white blue & green) (priced per pack 4 markers per pack 12 packs per inner case 120 packs per master case)
PARMOB-SUPTCondiment Organizer Bin Rack SCondiment Organizer Bin Rack Support for MOB-127 (priced per set packed 4 supports per set 100 sets per master case)
PARMOB-SUPT(S)Condiment Organizer Bin Rack SCondiment Organizer Bin Rack Support for MOB-106 (priced per set packed 4 supports per set 100 sets per master case)
PARPBB-LIDBrown Cap for Pour Bottle 
PARPBB-SPTBrown Spout for Pour Bottle 
PARPBG-LIDGreen Cap for Pour Bottle 
PARPBG-SPTGreen Spout for Pour Bottle 
PARPBO-LIDOrange Cap for Pour Bottle 
PARPBO-SPTOrange Spout for Pour Bottle 
PARPBR-LIDRed Cap for Pour Bottle 
PARPBR-SPTRed Spout for Pour Bottle 
PARPBW-LIDWhite Cap for Pour Bottle 
PARPBW-SPTWhite Spout for Pour Bottle 
PARPBY-LIDYellow Cap for Pour Bottle 
PARPBY-SPTYellow Spout for Pour Bottle 
PARPC-1113/CASECase For PC-1113 
PARPCD-13SPPlunger for Pan Cake DispenserPlunger for Pan Cake Dispenser S/S
PARPCD-LIDReplacement White Lids For PCDReplacement White Lids For PCD-33 & PCD-50
PARPGR-24(C)Plunger Cup 
PARPGR-24(H)Wood Handle for Plunger 
PARPP-TRAY/GRHigh Chair Tray for PP-HC/GR nHigh Chair Tray for PP-HC/GR nonporous polypropylene gray fits
PARRS-SF/BKSign Frame for retractable staSign Frame for retractable stanchion black
PARRS-SF/SSSign Frame for retractable staSign Frame for retractable stanchion stainless steel
PARRS-WB/BKWall Bracket for stanchion 
PARRTC/HDLHandle for GC-7 Cover 
PARSCC-19/STDStand for SCC-16 & SCC-19 
PARSD-20/BOTReplacement Bottle for SD-20 
PARSD-20/BUTReplacement Button for SD029 
PARSK-CUC(G)Glass bottle for SK-CUC (partsGlass bottle for SK-CUC (parts only) 1/2 oz
PARSK-CUC(T)Square Shaker Chrome Top (partSquare Shaker Chrome Top (parts only)--SAME AS SK-TWC(T)
PARSK-CUG(G)Glass bottle for SK-CUG 
PARSK-FFL(G)Sugar Jar 12 oz 
PARSK-FFL(T)Flap Top for SK-FFL 
PARSK-FPF(G)Shaker Jar 12 oz 
PARSK-FPF(T)Shaker Jar Perf Top only 
PARSK-OV(G)6 Oz Square Cruet glass 
PARSK-OV(T)Cruet Top chrome plated 
PARSK-PM1(G)Glass for SK-PM1(parts only) 
PARSK-PM1(T)Tops for SK-PM1(parts only) 
PARSK-PM2(G)Shaker-Paneled 2 oz (parts onlShaker-Paneled 2 oz (parts only)
PARSK-PM2(T)Shaker-Paneled Mushrm Cap (parShaker-Paneled Mushrm Cap (parts only)
PARSK-ROT(G)Swirl Shaker Glass Bottom 6 OzSwirl Shaker Glass Bottom 6 Oz (parts only)
PARSK-ROT(T)6 Oz Swirl Shaker Slotted Top6 Oz Swirl Shaker Slotted Top (parts only)
PARSK-RPF(G)Glass Bottle for SK-RPF(partsGlass Bottle for SK-RPF(parts only)
PARSK-RPF(T)PerfTop for 6 oz Swirl ShakerPerfTop for 6 oz Swirl Shaker (parts only)
PARSK-SM(G)Glass Bottle for SK-SM 2 oz (pGlass Bottle for SK-SM 2 oz (parts only)
PARSK-SM(T)Mushroom Cap for SK-SM 2 oz (pMushroom Cap for SK-SM 2 oz (parts only)
PARSK-TWC(G)Glass for SK-TWC (parts only) 
PARSK-TWC(T)Top for SK-TWC (parts only) 
PARSK-TWG(T)Gold Cap for SK-TWG (parts onlGold Cap for SK-TWG (parts only)
PARST-30/2NStopper 3022 20oz 
PARST-30/4NStopper 3022 42oz For Fuu HwaStopper 3022 42oz For Fuu Hwa servers only
PARST-30/6NStopper 3022 64oz For Fuu HwaStopper 3022 64oz For Fuu Hwa servers only
PARST-AI10/BK/SFStopper for AIS-100 Black 
PARST-AI19/BK/SFStopper for AIS-190 Black 
PARST-AI19/OR/SFStopper for AIS-190 Orange 
PARST-SA/BK/BTBlk Brew-Thru Top for SA-19/BKBlk Brew-Thru Top for SA-19/BK/BT & Blk Brew-Thru Top for SA-12X
PARST-SA/OROrange Top for SA-19X & SA-12X 
PARST-SA/OR/BTOrange Brew-Thru Top for SA-19Orange Brew-Thru Top for SA-19X & SA-12X
PARST-SA19XBlk Top for SA-19X & SA-12X 
PARST-SE/BKBlk Top for SE-19X 
PARST-SE/OROrange Top for SE-19X 
PARST-SLStopper - SL-70 & SL-100 
PARST-SQ/BKBlk Top for SQ-19X 
PARST-UDT BKStopper Blk UD1000/UD600 
PARST-UDT ORStopper Org UD1000/UD600 
PARSTB-30/2NBlk Stopper 3022 20oz 
PARSTB-30/4NBlk Stopper 3022 42 oz 
PARSTB-30/6NBlk Stopper 3022 64 oz 
PARSYD-06(G)Glass for SYD-06 
PARSYD-06(T)Zinc Top for SYD-06, Chrome PlZinc Top for SYD-06, Chrome Plated
PARSYD-14(G)Glass for SYD-14 
PARSYD-14(T)Zinc Top for SYD-14, Chrome PlZinc Top for SYD-14, Chrome Plated
PARTAG-30/2Color Tags 3022 20oz 
PARTAG-30/4Color Tags 3022 42oz & 64oz 
PARTCL-10WLid for TC-10W molded handle pLid for TC-10W molded handle polypropylene white (6 per case)
PARTCL-32GTrash Can Lid for TC-32W plstc 
PARTCL-44GTrash Can Lid for TC-44W plstc 
PARTGD-FAUFaucet Set(Hndle Cover Screw)Faucet Set(Hndle Cover Screw) for TGD-15G
PARTGD-LIDSnap on Lid for TGD-15GT 
PARTGD-SSTLid & Filling Tube Assy for TGLid & Filling Tube Assy for TGD-15G
PARTGD-TIMERTime Indicator for TGD-15GT 
PARTSC/PLTray Stand 37in H chrome plateTray Stand 37in H chrome plated tubing with top bars
PARTSC/STRAPStraps for TSC-31 
PARTSW/RRBlk Rubber Ring for TSW Series 
PARUP-8ZAZero Adjustment for 8in Scales 
PARWBS-80/LEGWine Bucket Stand Leg 
PARWOC-WORMReplacement part for WOC-TM (TReplacement part for WOC-TM (Table Mount Deluxe Wine Opener Chrome Finish)
PARXFFC-25BBlade with casing for french fBlade with casing for french fry cutter - 1/4in cut
PARXFFC-38BBlade with casing for french fBlade with casing for french fry cutter - 3/8in cut
PARXFFC-50BBlade with casing for french fBlade with casing for french fry cutter - 1/2in cut
PARXGS-BLDGrill Scraper Blade For GS-17 
PARXLD/LV/SFBlk Lid Assy for NLD & LSVL (SBlk Lid Assy for NLD & LSVL (S&F Series)
PARXLD/PU/SFBlk Lid Assy for NPD & PSVL AiBlk Lid Assy for NPD & PSVL Airpots(SF Series)
PARXLDAS/NVALBlk.Lever Lid Assy for Val-U-ABlk.Lever Lid Assy for Val-U-Air & Sup-R-Air Servers
PARXLDAS/NVAL OROrange Lever Lid Assy for Val-Orange Lever Lid Assy for Val-U-Air & Sur-R-Air Servers
PARXLDAS/NVAPPush Button Blk Lid Assy for NPush Button Blk Lid Assy for NVAP & NVSP Pots
PARXLDAS/NVAP ORPush Button Lid Assy for Val-UPush Button Lid Assy for Val-U-Air & Sup-R-Air Pots Orange
PARXRU/G/SFRubber Gasket for Glass LinedRubber Gasket for Glass Lined SF Airpots
PARXRU/LD/SFLid Rubber Pkng for all SF AirLid Rubber Pkng for all SF Airpots
PARXRU/PIP/SFPipe End Rubber for NLD NPD LSPipe End Rubber for NLD NPD LSVL PSVL Airpots(SF Series)
PARXRU/ST/GStppr Rbbr Pkng for Glass LineStppr Rbbr Pkng for Glass Lined Airpots NLD/NPD(SF Series)
PARXRU/ST/SSStppr Rbbr Pkng for S/S LinedStppr Rbbr Pkng for S/S Lined Airpots LSVL/PSVL(SF Series)xst-g19/sf
PARXST-G19/SFBrew Thru Stppr Assy for NPD/NBrew Thru Stppr Assy for NPD/NLD-19(SF Series)
PARXST-G22/SFBrew Thru Stppr Assy for NPD/NBrew Thru Stppr Assy for NPD/NLD-22 PSVL/LSVL-25(SF Series)
PARXST-G25/SFBrew Thru Stppr Assy for NPD/NBrew Thru Stppr Assy for NPD/NLD-25 Airpots(SF Series)
PARXST-G30/FL&FPBrew Thru Stppr Assy for FL-30Brew Thru Stppr Assy for FL-30 / FP-30 (SF Series)
PARXST-LSG22Stopper Assembly for LSG-22/BK 
PARXST-LSG30Stopper Assembly for LSG-30/BK 
PARXST-S25/SFBrew Thru Stppr Assy for PSVL/Brew Thru Stppr Assy for PSVL/LSVL-25(SF Series)
PARXST-S30/FLS&FPSBrew Thru Stppr Assy for FLSV-Brew Thru Stppr Assy for FLSV-30 / FPSV-30 (SF Series)
PARXST-S30/SFBrew Thru Stppr Assy for PSVL/Brew Thru Stppr Assy for PSVL/LSVL-30 (SF Series)
PARXSTAS/VAL22Stppr Assy for VAL & VAP SerieStppr Assy for VAL & VAP Series 2.2L metal 8 3/4in long top to tip 10 1/2in long with black oval head for glass lined 2.2L airpots.
PARXSTAS/VS25Stppr Assy. for VSL & VSP 2.5Stppr Assy. for VSL & VSP 2.5 Pots Length: 8-7/8in white oval head. for s/s lined 2.5L airpots.
PARXSTAS/VS30Stppr Assy. for VSL & VSP 3.0Stppr Assy. for VSL & VSP 3.0 Pots metal Length: 9-1/4in came in white oval head with black lid & black oval head with decaf lid length: from top to tip 10-3/8in for s/s lined 3.0L airpots.
PARXTAG/FL&FPColor Hanging Tags for FL FP FColor Hanging Tags for FL FP FLSV FPSV SF Airpots Plastic Set of 3 Orange Green Brown
PARXTAG/NLDColor Hanging Tags for NLD, NPColor Hanging Tags for NLD, NPD, LSVL, PSVL SF Airpots Plastic Set of 3 Orange Green Brown
PARXTAG/NV&JALColor Hanging Tags Plastic ForColor Hanging Tags Plastic For NVAL NVAP NVSL NVSP & JAL Series Airpots Set of 3(Orange Green Brown)
PARXTAGM/SFColor Tags Magnetic For NLD NPColor Tags Magnetic For NLD NPD LSVL PSVL SF Airpots Magnetic 3pc/set Orange Green Brown